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 Shandong KOMEE Optoelectronic Technology CO.,LTD. was found in 2001. It is the founder and leader of high-power energy saving lamps. LED lighting for the future development strategy, building LED chip package, LED lighting and application integrated industrial chain. As high-tech enterprise with good design, research & technical service, and sales & after-sales service, KOMEE will be the LED semiconductor in the future.
After over 15 years hard work, KOMEE has established CHINA LED lighting production base and an industrial park which has over 7-thousand square kilometers of land and more than six-hundred workers. "Integrity, innovation, opening and win-win" are the enterprise ideas of KOMEE.
The products lins of KOMEE include CFL production line & LED production line. Our advantage production is High Power energy saving ligh, LED flood light,……[Read more]

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Email: zn@komee.com.cn cherrypan@komee.com.cn jennyqiu@komee.com.cn
Web: www.komeelighting.com

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